General Warwick was a British commander who was a foe of John Black and is featured in Age of Empires III. He is voiced by Neil Dickson

Biography Edit

Warwick was the Main Antagonist in Act II: Ice and was an English aristocrat. Born in England, he was rumored to behind the death of his parents but considers himself a refined gentleman. Though serving as a British military commander, Warwick also became a member of the Circle of Ossus, and was the Circle's leader by the 1750s. Uninterested in diplomacy, his government relied on intimidation to control the populace it was responsible for.

Learning that the Black family, the rivals of the Circle of Ossus, was present in the Americas, Warwick attacked the colony governed by Stuart Black. Black's nephew John, a mercenary leader allied with local natives, retaliated, defeating the troops Warwick left behind at the colony. Warwick had already departed with Stuart Black, who Warwick thought knew of the location of the Fountain of Youth.

When the Seven Years' War began, Warwick served alongside Colonel George Washington, who became suspicious of the general. Believing Warwick a traitor, Washington located John Black and allied himself with him, capturing Warwick's bases in the Great Lakes. Meanwhile Warwick and the Circle's elite army, the Boneguard, crossed the Great Plains, attempting to assassinate the chiefs of various Indian tribes. Failing in this, Warwick retreated to his western base, which was captured by Black, who has pursued Warwick in the company of his Indian friend Kanyenke.

Warwick escapes to the Rocky Mountains to receive Russian reinforcements, who are marching through a mountain pass. The Russians, assisting the Circle, hope to take advantage of the Seven Years' War to seize territory in the Americas. Attempting to prevent their advance, Black plants explosives around the mountain pass, intending to bring down the surrounding rock on the Russian column.

Warwick and a party of Boneguard encounter Black as he sets the final explosives. Warwick orders his men to kill Black, who dodges the Boneguard and detonates the explosives, killing himself along with Warwick and the entire Russian army, halting the Circle's progress.

In the game, Warwick wields a sword and a pistol and he is able to collect Treasures.