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The Ronin is a powerful Mercenary from Japan that is featured in Age of Empires III.

Game Info Edit

Ronin are very strong units specialized in melee combat. The Ronin are mercenary units so they can be shipped from some civilizations' Home Cities for coin. They can sometimes be trained from the Saloon (depending on the map) after the Dance Hall card arrives; Ronin can also be trained from the Japanese Consulate when Isolationism has been selected (but their names are changed to Hatamoto Samurai instead). They are similar to Samurai, but with more HP and a much stronger attack (however regular Samurai can become incredibly powerful due to Japan's number of cards boosting them, but not the Hatamoto Samurai). They also have a 2x cavalry bonus which makes them deadly against cavalry. With their area of effect attack, they are essentially powerful Doppelsoldners.

There are two types of Ronin: "Saloon Ronin", which come from one of two places, the Home City (typically Japan has the most Ronin cards) or the Saloon. Some civilizations have a card called "Saloon Ronin" which enables Ronin to be trained from your Saloon. A Ronin from your saloon costs 400 coin, and shipments usually have a discount.

The other type of Ronin is called a Consulate Ronin, also known as Hamoto Samurai. These Ronin, unique to the Japanese, cost 290 export (a high price for a single unit) and cost 4 population, and are acessible from the Industrial Age on.

Dialogue Edit

The Ronin speak Japanese. They share this dialogue with Ninjas.


Hai? (Yes?)

Ryoukai simasita (I understand)

Suguni kakarimasu (Immediately)

Youi! (Ready!)

Meireiha? (Command?)

Souda (It is!)

Kougeki (Attack!)

Tatakae, tatakaunda! (Fight!, do fight!)