Revolutions is a feature available in the Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs expansion. It allows players' to revolt from their home country and form a new political entity with additional unit types and specific bonuses, but prevents advancement into the Imperial Age.

Overview Edit

The feature is only available to European civilizations. Revolting is an alternative to the Imperial Age allowing a choice of one of two revolutionary leaders per civilization, each with different bonuses. Once revolution is researched, the Home City flag will change to the flag of the relevant new country and no previously available Home City shipments can be sent from the current Home City deck. However, a new deck of 4 separate shipments will become available and can be sent for an indefinite amount. No new Settlers can be produced and all existing Settlers turn into Colonial Militia. Thus, no Settlers are available to gather resources (with the exception of existing Fishing Boats, Banks, Factories, and Home City trickle resources). It is possible to build new military units with stockpiled resources.

After revolting, all other players on the map (including teammates) will not be able revolt themselves. Revolting costs 1000 Food, Wood, and Gold. It is a much cheaper option than the Imperial Age. However, if an ally or opponent revolts, any other opponent or ally can still advance to the Imperial Age.

If a player decides to revolt, he or she should send all useful Home City shipments from his/her current deck first since all shipments still on their way when the 10 second Revolution timer ends will be canceled. All buildings currently being built when the Revolution timer ends will be stopped and left uncompleted. Settlers being created will be canceled and their Food cost refunded, if a player rescues a Settler after a revolting, it will immediately become a Colonial Militia.

All units that gain hit points automatically upon Aging up (Explorer, Explorer's Dog from Home City shipment, Spahi, Spy, Petard, etc.) do not gain hit points in Revolution. They only automatically increase when aging to Imperial. Another thing to bear in mind is that Explorers can still build Trading Posts, so a Trade Route supplying at least some wood (to rebuild or repair any building that is destroyed) can keep a small economy going. Factories, Banks and Fishing ships can still produce resources and cheats can be used also.

The Spies technology researched from the Capitol, cannot be used by revolting civilizations, but it is possible to win by a Trade Monopoly.

The Move All Military Units to one location button on the right hand corner of the mini map is very useful at the start of a Revolution and allows players to move all of their Colonial Militia to one point on the map.

Houses are not required after revolting. The population cap will reach a maximum of 200 with or without Houses. Revolting is an incredibly powerful boost to a civilization's military, but halts its economy.

Units Edit

Politicians Edit

Nation Revolutionary Advantages Available to
Mexico Miguel Hidalgo A group of outlaws (as treasure guardian type) rally to your cause. Spanish and Portuguese
Peru Simón Bolívar All units gain 5% more hitpoints. Russians and Germans
Argentina José de San Martín Grants 6 Imperial Howitzers (Mortars are upgraded). Germans
United States George Washington Gatling Guns have more hitpoints. British and Dutch
Brazil José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva 20 Fierce, Legendary Tupi warriors come to your aid. All natives are set to Legendary level. Portuguese and Dutch
Colombia Francisco de Paula Santander Grants 3 Ironclads. Ottomans, French, and Russians
Haiti Toussaint L'Ouverture Colonial Militia have more hitpoints. French and British
Chile Bernardo O'Higgins Grants 10 Imperial Hussars. (Existing Hussars are upgraded) Ottomans and Spanish

Hints and TipsEdit

This information might prove helpful when in revolution from your civilisation:

  • Have factories in game before initiating your revolution (if you have the Home City cards available), this will help produce resources to build units that will aid your army as Villagers can no longer gather resources.
  • Ensure that you have a few shipments available when you revolt. This will help you to get a couple of Fort wagons and a few Gatling Guns just in case.
  • Ensure that you have plenty of resources to build more units (Horses, ships and Culverins) as skirmishers and artillery can easily kill your Militia.
  • Ironclads are good with their special long distance shell, but also have some support ships to protect them in close quarter fights as they can only be sent by Revolutionary Deck Cards. (please check that this is the case)