The Norhwest Territory is a map featured in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. A big river crosses the western part of the map. In the middle of it, another river shoots off to the east, which is then divided into two other rivers. All resources are plentiful, and Nootka and Klamath settlements can be found among the trees.

There are gold mines, with 5000 Coin each, and there are always 2 trading posts at the trade route to the north (there are two trade routes - both cross the island formed at a junction of the little river - the south trade route has only 1 trading post).
File:Northwest Territory map.jpg

Short Information

Animals for hunting: elks and moose

Mines: gold - with 5000 gold each

Trade routes: two - the first with 2 trading posts, the second with 1

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