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The Great Bombard is a piece of Ottoman artillery featured in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

The Great Bombard is a slow and heavy unique artillery piece used by the Ottoman Empire and Knights of St. John (Into the Caves), outside of Act I: Blood the weapon can only be trained at the Factory (see Hidden Cost below), Consulate or shipped from the Home City. Great Bombards are effective at destroying enemy buildings and can kill masses of infantry, but fires and moves slowly, which gives an advantage to fast moving cavalry or long-range artillery such as Culverins and Monitors. Bombards also can be purchased in the Mosque, after sending the Home City card Palace Intrigue.

No type of artillery matches the Great Bombard's firepower, size and Hit Points (with the exception of the Fixed Gun featured in the campaign scenarios). However, some cannons are more effective, such as the Rocket or the Heavy Cannon. The Heavy Cannon is more effective in combat because it has a faster rate of fire and no penalties versus cavalry.

The Great Bombard can be upgraded to the Imperial Bombard for 1500 Wood and 1500 Coin .

Hidden Cost Edit

Training these units at a factory requires 115 seconds, 109.25 with Team Engineering School sent by a Chinese ally (for civilizations without Engineering School), 103.5 with Engineering School and finally 97.75 with both Home City Cards. The average resource gather rate of a Factory is 5.5 every second (before the building upgrade (+20%) and Home City Card, Market, etc upgrades). This means that Heavy Artillery from a Factory, while appearing to be free, will have a cost dependent upon how effective the factory gathers a needed resource. In many cases this cost can exceed the base value (700 resources) of the unit.

Unit Evolution: Great Bombard
Great Bombard --> Imperial Bombard