General George Armstrong Custer was a commander of the United States 7th Cavalry Regiment and a foe of Chayton Black and is featured in The WarChiefs.

Biography Edit

George Armstrong Custer was born in New Rumley, Ohio and spent most of his childhood with his half-sister and brother-in-law. After leaving the McNeely Normal School, Custer joined the United States Military Academy and soon joined the American Civil War in the Union's 2nd U.S. Cavalry as a Brigadier General.

After the war Custer was demoted to Colonel and fought in Red Cloud's War and protected miners from the Sioux.  He later fought against Chayton Black, Crazy Horse and thousands of Sioux and Cheyenne soldiers at Little Bighorn. He was killed in the battle and Little Bighorn soon became famous for being the biggest defeat for the Americans in the Indian Wars.

In the game George Armstrong Custer wielded an officer's saber and also rides his horse in combat, Custer has lots of hit points, making him a tough foe to defeat.
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