Docks are structures that is featured in each of the games in the Age of Empires series. The Dock is an important building as it is the only one which produces naval vessels and upgrades for them. It is used to build ships, research naval technologies, trade with other civilizations and is where fishing ships deposit Food. It can only be built on shore.

Trade Edit

Trade in Age of Empires involved sending vessels with goods to other Docks (either 20 Food, Wood or Stone) to return with Gold. You lose all of the resources you are trading but the amount of Gold you receive depends on the length of the trade route and the value of the goods.

In Age of Empires II, when establishing a trade route, vessels will leave for any dock (ally, neutral or enemy) carrying goods and will return with gold after selling them. The amount of Gold it returns with depends on the length of the trade route and the amount of Gold available at the selling Dock.the goods sold are not deducted from your resources.

Age of Empires Edit

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Age of Empires II Edit

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Age of Mythology Edit

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Age of Empires III Edit

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