Francisco Juan Delgado de Leon was a Spanish Conquistador and a foe of Morgan Black in Age of Empires III. Delgado is a powerful unit with a large attack, and wields both a rifle and a sword in battle. He fights with his sword much like a Rodelero. He is voiced by Benito Martinez.

Biography Edit

Delgado was second in command in a Spanish expedition from Yucatan to Cuba under his superior Pedro de Alvarado. Delgado's success in his travels gave him Royal permission to participate in the conquest of the Aztec Empire. Soon Delgado received a ship and a complement of Rodeleros and Crossbowmen with the goal of exploring more of the New World for Spain and himself.

Delgado went on to search for the fabled Fountain of Youth to claim it for his nation. His army fought an Aztec City for its control, but was stopped by Black and the Knights of St. John and even countered by them and lost a fort nearby that city. The Conquistador captured the Ottoman leader Sahin, who attempted to force him to reveal the Fountain's location, but failed. Delgado's final loss was the destruction of his colony and the capture of six treasure fleets at the hands of Black's troops; forcing him to halt his search.