Name Colonial Militia
Age Revolution
Building Town Center
Type Musketeer
Wood Food Coin
0 100 0
HP 200
Population Cost 1
Attack 4
Range 5
Armor 0
Resistance {{{Resistance}}}
Speed Medium

The Colonial Militia is a special light infantry unit available in the Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs expansion.

Overview Edit

The Colonial Militia function in a similar manner to Minutemen, both appear similar, have similar attack and can be trained from the Town Center. The new Militia are much stronger in attack and do not lose hit points like Minutemen, but are fairly weak in comparison to other infantry units.

Colonial Militia become available when a player revolts from their European civilization during the Industrial Age. Instead of Settlers, the Town Center/s now only train Colonial Militia. Colonial Milita also automatically appear in the place of all current Settlers, and players can no longer rely on traditional resource acquisition methods.

During the campaign of The WarChiefs, Colonial Militia are available early in Age and can also be trained in Nathaniel Black's War Huts. They are the basic soldier for the Continental Army during the American Revolution.