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Chayton Black is the son of Amelia Black from The WarChiefs. He is voiced by Josh Keaton.

He was the final owner of the Falcon Company. He appears in the expansion's campaign as one of the main protagonists in the story of the Black family in America.

Another member of the Black family, Chayton is the grandson of Nathaniel Black and son of Amelia Black with her unnamed Lakota husband. Chayton is very close to his native roots, being half-Lakota, and deeply concerned with the state of the land. The campaign sees Chayton questioning who he really is, as he battles greed over doing what is right when a gold scandal erupts in the Black Hills.

Biography Edit

Chayton Black was expanding the Falcon railroad company westward along the Bozeman Trail, but winds up in the middle of Red Cloud's war. A few years later, he returns to the west to meet his old friend Holme, now a sheriff, who informs him of a huge amount of gold in the Black Hills of Dakota. After defending many mining camps from Sioux attacks, Chayton goes to see Crazy Horse and establish a peace treaty. However, Holme and many miners arrive and destroy the village, wrecking any chance of peace.

Chayton still sides with Holme, and defends his workers as they gather wood for a fort. Yet when he receives the order to destroy a Sioux village, he turns against Holme and, allying with the Sioux, destroys the fort. Chayton convinces General Custer, who recently arrived in the area, to give him one day to find Holme. Chayton later chases Holme down and, after Holme tries to kill him, Chayton shoots him and he falls down a mine shaft.

Failing to convince General Custer from attacking at Little Bighorn, the last mission has Chayton fighting for the Sioux on that day, ending with the death of General Custer. Chayton was aided by four native chiefs. they were: Crazy Horse, Chief Brave Wolf, Chief Bull Bear and Chief Two Moon. Amelia Black states that Chayton either died at Wounded Knee or lived in the Black Hills. Although, we do see him riding off with Crazy Horse, so it is likely he lives on. However, a hand holding a revolver similar to Chayton's is seen dropping dead into the grass in the video at the end of the last mission.


  • Chayton is shown carrying a revolver and saber, but the former is never used except in the situation where he shoots Holme. Instead, uses a rifle in combat.

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