The Blockhouse is a unique military building featured in Age of Empires III that provides basic infantry units for the Russian civilization.

Overview Edit

The Blockhouse bears similarity to the basic European Barracks as the player is able to train and upgrade units. However, in addition, Blockhouses are able to defend themselves similar to Outposts. The Blockhouse also provides 5 population room for Russian units. Blockhouses are resource-friendly, with players only having to pay Wood for a fraction of the cost required for a Barracks and Outpost. Some civilizations can use specific TEAM cards to reduce the cost even further. TEAM Cheap Barracks sent by the Spanish reduces the cost by 15% (250 becomes 212), TEAM Art of War sent by the Chinese will reduce it by 10% (stacked with TEAM Cheap Barracks this reduces the cost by 25% to 187 wood).

Those same cards (stacked) can make Spanish barracks as cheap as 40 Wood and Chinese War Academies as cheap as 90 Wood, drastically reducing the economic advantage of blockhouses. Because the Blockhouse serves a dual role, as they are destroyed the player loses both defense and the ability to train troops simultaneously, this can sometimes lead to Russians being overwhelmed easily during an attack involving siege units.

Notes Edit

  • The Asian Dynasties - India can build both Castles and Blockhouses in the campaign due to the fact the Consulate allows them to have Russian allies (they have no such allies outside of the campaign, however).
    • China can employ Russian allies outside of the campaign through the Consulate and thus Blockhouses. However, they cannot use the Russians during their campaign missions.
    • While Chinese Villagers cannot build Blockhouses, Native Villagers (from an ally's TEAM card or from a minor native tribe) can do so, allowing up to 7 Blockhouses provided the first is shipped from the Consulate.