Barracks are military buildings that provide basic soldier units for most civilizations. They are featured in Age of Empires I, II, III and Age of Mythology.

Barracks can train and upgrade your civilization's units and are the core component of most civilization's military. Barracks cost Wood and Gold in Age of Empires , but in Age of Empires III and Age of Empires II Barracks only cost Wood. The Russians have Blockhouses which function as both Barracks and Outposts.

Age of Empires Edit

File:Roman Barracks.gif
Name Barracks
Age Stone Age
Prerequisites Town Center
Type Military
Wood Gold
125 0
HP 350

Barracks are the earliest military building available in Age of Empires and allow players to train infantry units for combat. The Barracks is also the prerequisite for building later military buildings such as, the Archery Range, Siege Workshop, Stable, and Academy.

Researching Architecture increases the Barracks' Hit Points and decreases its building time.



Note: Legion prerequires Fanaticism to become enabled

Age of Empires II Edit

Name Barracks
Age Dark Age
Prerequisites Town Center
Type Military
Wood Gold Stone
175 0 0
HP 1200 (base)
Garrison 10
Attack None
The Barracks in Age of Empires II shares a similar purpose to the variant in Age of Empires. These buildings can be built during the Dark Age. They are also necessary in order to build Archery Ranges and Stables.


Weapons were made and stored and soldiers drilled in the barracks. During the late Middle Ages, the barracks was incorporated within a castle complex. It became also the part of the castle where professional soldiers lived, ready to help defend the castle or maintain order in the surrounding countryside.


Note: Eagle Warriors and their Elite counterparts are only available for Mayans and Aztecs. Meanwhile, Huskarls are only available for the Goths after researching Anarchy.


Age of Empires IIIEdit


The Barracks in Age of Empires III functions the same as in the two previous games, but this time it can only be built from the Colonial Age (except the Russians in the Discovery Age) onwards, like the Age of Mythology variant. It also comes with extra unique units depending on the civilization.


There are also technologies that allow some native tribes to be trained from the barracks (such as Iroquois League), and the Russians Can get a special card (Blockhouse Cannon) that allows them to train (but not upgrade) Falconets and Mortars from the Blockhouse.


The Russians, having their Blockhouse as their Outpost also, get to build these in the Discovery Age. However, they cannot train military until the Colonial Age.

Pikemen, Halberdiers and even Crossbowmen availability depends on the civilization. For example, the Spanish don't get Halberdiers, and the Russians no Pikemen or Crossbowmen.

Musketeer/Skirmisher Availability may depend on the civilization. Germans and Dutch don't get Musketeers, Russians don't get Skirmishers (unless you count Strelets), and to counter this lack of firepower the Dutch get Skirmishers an Age before anyone else, and Germans get Doppelsoldners.

Also, you can train units faster by selecting multiple Barracks while you train soldiers.


Note that Russians have a Blockhouse instead of Barracks, but their infantry is listed here nontheless.


  • Veteran Crossbowman (French, Portuguese, Spanish & Germans)
  • Veteran Pikeman (British, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French & Germans)
  • Veteran Musketeer (British, French, Spanish, Russians & Portuguese)
  • Guard Skirmisher (Dutch & Spanish)
  • Guard Halberdier (French, Russians & Portuguese)
  • Guard Musketeer (French, Russians & Spanish)
  • Imperial Skirmisher (Dutch & Spanish)
  • Imperial Halberdier (French, Russians & Portuguese)
  • Imperial Musketeer (French, Russians & Spanish)

Unique (Civilization)Edit

Alternate unit variantsEdit

Age of MythologyEdit

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The Barracks is responsible for producing certain Infantry Units for the Egyptians in Age of Mythology. It is first available in the Classical Age.

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