Following is a complete list of age of empires 3 military units.

Normal Units

Heavy Infantry

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Heavy Infantry are effective vs. both kinds of cavalry. They are weak vs. Light Infantry and Artillery

  • Pikeman - An archaic Infantry unit that is very effective against cavalry and buildings. Available to the British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and German factions.
  • Musketeer - A gunpowder unit that is well-balanced and effective vs. Cavalry. Available to the British, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian factions.
  • Halberdier - A unit similar to the Pikeman, except stronger all around and with a smaller bonus vs. cavalry. Available to the French, Portuguese, Dutch and Russian factions.

Light Infantry

Light Infantry are effective vs. Heavy Infantry and Ranged Cavalry and are weak vs. Hand Cavalry and Artillery

  • Crossbowman - An archaic unit available early in the game. Available to the French, Spanish, Portuguese and German factions.
  • Skirmisher - A gunpowder unit that is effective vs. Heavy infantry. Available to the French, Spanish, Dutch and German factions.

Hand Cavalry

Hand Cavalry are effective vs. Artillery and Light Infantry and weak vs. Ranged Cavalry and Heavy Infantry

  • Hussar - The basic cavalry unit. It is light and agile but its light armor limits it's efficiency. Available to the British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Ottoman factions.
  • Cossack - A weaker version of the Hussar. Only available to the Russian faction.

Ranged Cavalry

Ranged Cavalry are effective vs. Hand Cavalry and Artillery and are weak vs. Light Infantry and Heavy Infantry

  • Dragoon - Although historically classified as Mounted Infantry, the dragoon serves as a Ranged cavalry unit. It is available to the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese factions.
  • Cavalry Archer - A tartar Ranged cavalry unit armed with a bow. Available to the Russian and Ottoman factions.


Artillery is effective vs. Infantry and Buildings and weak vs. Cavalry

  • Grenadier - A grenade throwing unit effective vs. Buildings. Available to the British, Dutch, Russian and Ottoman factions.
  • Falconet - An artillery piece especially effective vs. Infantry. Good against most targets except cavalry. Available to all factions except the Portuguese.
  • Culverin - An artillery piece especially effective against other artillery. Available to all factions
  • Mortar - An artillery piece especially effective vs. buildings and ships. Available to all factions.
  • Heavy Cannon - The strongest artillery piece. Effective to Infantry, Buildings, and Ships. Available to the French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian and German factions.
  • Great Bombard - Slower than the Heavy Cannon but can deal more damage. Effective against Infantry, Buildings, and Ships. Only Available to the Ottoman faction.


  • Caravel - Adept at exploring. It can transport units, harvest food and gold from fish and whales, respectively, and also has an attack. Available to all factions except the Ottomans.
  • Galleon - Stronger than the caravel and can also train several types of units as well. Available to all factions except the Dutch.
  • Frigate - A very powerful warship. Basically a Galleon with a stronger attack without the ability to train units. Available to all factions.
  • Monitor - A warship adept at bombarding positions on shore.It also has a unique ability that increases its range immensely. Available to all factions.

Unique Military Units


  • Longbowman - An Infantry unit with a very long range that is effective against Infantry.
  • Congreve Rocket - The British version of the Heavy Cannon that is more powerful against Infantry but less effective vs. buildings.


  • Coureur des bois - gather faster than a settler and can replace a skirmisher
  • Cuirassier - The strongest Hand Cavalry unit in the game. Is very effective against Light Infantry and Artillery.


  • War Dog - Similar to the Explorer's dog except it can die. The Spanish explorer can train up to 5 war dogs at a time.
  • Rodelero - A sword and buckle Infantry unit that is very effective against Cavalry.
  • Lancer - A fast Heavy Cavalry unit effective vs. infantry


  • Organ Gun - The Portuguese version of the falconet with a short range that is incredibly effective vs. infantry
  • Cassador - The Portuguese version of other nation's Skirmishers. It is much stronger than a regular skirmisher but has much lower health.


  • Fluyt - The Dutch version of the Galleon that is more effective vs. ships
  • Ruyter - The Dutch version of other nations' Dragoons.


  • Strelet - A weak Light Infantry unit that is effective in large numbers.
  • Cossack - The Russian version of the Hussar, which while cheaper and requiring only one population slot, are weaker overall.
  • Oprichnik - A Light Cavalry unit that is very effective vs. Settlers and Buildings, making them effective raiders. However they are very vulnerable against any other type of unit.


  • Doppelsöldner - A very powerful Heavy Infantry unit that has a unique sweeping attack.
  • Uhlan - A Light Cavalry unit that the Germans receive with almost every Home City Shipment past the discovery age.
  • War Wagon - A Ranged Cavalry unit that is effective against other Cavalry units.


  • Janissary - The Ottoman version of the Musketeer. They are very strong and are essentially "Super Musketeers."
  • Spahi - A Heavy Ottoman Cavalry unit only available with Home City shipments.
  • Abus Gun - A Light Artillery that is very effective against Infantry.
  • Great Bombard - The Ottoman's version of the Heavy Cannon. It is much more powerful and is slow moving and loading.
  • Galley - A swift Ottoman vessel that replaces the Caravel.


  • Jaeger - A Hessian Light Infantry unit that is a much stronger version of the Skirmisher.
  • Landsknecht - A German mercenary that wields the zweihander. Although similar to the Doppelsoldner, it does not have sweep attack and only has a slight larger bonus against Buildings.
  • Black Rider - A Heavy Ranged Cavalry mercenary that is essentially a stronger Dragoon.
  • Highlander - A Scottish heavy infantry mercenary that is essentially a more powerful musketeer.
  • Hackapell - A Heavy Finnish Cavalry unit. Although they cost more than 2 population, they more than make up for it with their 121 point attack, although their extremely weak armour leaves much to be desired. Essentially a more powerful Uhlan.
  • Swiss Pikeman - A pike wielding Swiss mercenary that is effective against Cavalry.
  • Barbary Corsair - A swashbuckling pirate from the coasts of North Africa.
  • Stradiot - An Albanian cavalry mercenary wielding an double headed pike called an assegai
  • Mameluke - An Egyptian slave Cavalry mercenary.
  • Ronin - A lordless samurai who has a swift attack that is effective vs. infantry.
  • Manchu Horse Archer - A Chinese Cavalry Archer that is effective against other Cavalry.
  • Privateer - A small but powerful Caravel-like warship armed for pirating other ships.

Native American Units

These units can be obtained by allying with the respective tribe

  • Carib Blowgunner - A short-ranged light infantry unit.
  • Aztec Jaguar Warrior - An Aztec heavy infantry unit.
  • Aztec Eagle Warrior - A javelin-throwing light infantry unit.
  • Mayan Holcan Spearman - A spear wielding unit. "Holcan" is the Mayan word for "warrior."
  • Inca Huaminca - An Incan spear wielding unit.
  • Inca Bolas Warrior - A ranged Incan unit.
  • Tupi Blackwood Archer - An archer effective against Heavy Infantry.
  • Iroquois Tomahawk - An axe wielding heavy infantry unit.
  • Iroquois Mantlet - A short ranged artillery unit effective vs. buildings.
  • Cherokee Rifleman - A long ranged light infantry unit.
  • Seminole Sharktooth Bowman - An archery unit effective against buildings.
  • Lakota Axe Rider - A hand cavalry unit.
  • Lakota Dog Soldier - A powerful Cheyenne cavalry unit offered by the Lakota.
  • Comanche Horse Archer - A cavalry archer with a long range.
  • Cree Tracker - A light infantry unit with a large Line of Sight.
  • Nootka Clubman - A cheap, weak infantry unit.