Abbus Gun
Name Abbus Gun
Type Artiliry
Classification Offensive
hp unknown
Attack 30
Range +10
Ship Attack +10
Ship Range +10
Wood 0
Food 100
Population {{{population}}}
Others food:50

Abus Guns are unique features to the civilization ottomans, carried by soldiers and are used as weapons during battle. Abus Guns are only available in Age of Empires 3. These are trained at the artiliry foundry and require two population. These are the earliest type of artiliries. Abus Guns are availabe only to the Ottomans in their Colonial age.


Abus Guns have many advantages of their own. Because of their high ranged attack they are good against cannons when there are about 5 or 6 of them. They are very useful in the colonial age because the majority of an enemy's forces will be composed of infantry. Abus Guns can easily defeat groups of infantry, allowing them to easily fend off an early attack.


Abus guns are weak against Calaray Archers and Goons. After the first and second ages, These guns can't event stand a chance against infantry.